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Livespo Story


    In 1999, Dr Nguyen Hoa Anh, started his PhD in molecular biology the from Tohuku University - Japan. After 15 years of research, he came up with a spore probiotic formula which combined traditional Japanese probiotics formula with modern bacterial technology. 

  After 8 years of clinical research, a team of 5 scientists led by Dr Anh successfully created a portable liquid probiotics - named Livespo Colon. Dr HoaAnh Nguyen's spore-forming technology helps the bacteria survive the acidic environment by coating a spore-defense system that keeps the bacteria alive when they reach the stomach, where they would germinate and thrive. The spore structure helps the probiotics to survive up to 157 F degree in the stomach. 

Additionally, the liquid form would help extensively in diffusing the good bacteria through every corner of the colon due to the higher permeability of the water molecule.



   Our researches and testing reconfirmed the World Health Organisation's statement that Bacillus bacteria are 100% safe and have no side effect. 

   Their significant effect on the digestive system has been clinically proven but due to the challenges of producing liquid spore probiotics on an industrial scale, not many companies succeeded in doing so. This is why most companies in the world are producing probiotics in capsules and powder-form.


Our Mission


To offer premium probiotics that actually works ! 

At Livespo, we have spent lavishly on R&D to create LiveSpo Colon and we continuously create other products. We understand the pain and struggles our customers are dealing with and this is the big driving force for our scientists. We know that our products will make a difference in your life and the lives of others.