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The World's Best Probiotic.



The World's Best Probiotic. Period.


For optimal result with our probiotics, a schedule use of 3 boxes is recommended! 

LiveSpo ColonLiveSpo ColonLiveSpo ColonLiveSpo ColonLiveSpo Colon
LiveSpo ColonLiveSpo Colon

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Our testimonials 


Our testimonials 



Is Livespo Colon dairy-free?

Yes, Livespo Colon is completely dairy-free as well as Non-GMO, Egg-Free, Sugar-free, not from meat or animal origin, gluten-free, nut-free and having NO artificial color or flavors!

Is Livespo Colon a drug?

 No. LiveSpo Colon is a drug-free supplement and derived from natural ingredients.


Does Livespo Colon need to be refrigerated?

No, Livespo Colon's spores survive in room temperature, and therefore doesn't need any refrigeration. They can survive up to 176 F degree. 


Are Bacillus spores resistant to antibiotics?

Yes. Bacillus spores are resistant to antibiotics and can be used alongside with antibiotics to limit the associated effect of diarrhea.


What if I'm not satisfied with Livespo Colon?

We offer a 60-day period guarantee no questions asked, for customers who would like to return the product, even empty boxes.